I think I was born to be a photographer! I know that sounds funny but when I was 12 I used to dress up my 6 year old sister and make her model for me. I would snap image after image on my mum's 35mm, auto wind, film camera. I remember taking roll, upon roll of films to the local chemist and pay extra to have them processed in the hour (the anticipation would kill me!). It was what I lived for. So, I studied photography at college, learnt about composition and trained in all things dark room.
Then life happened, I travelled, got a degree in psychology and carved out a career in mental health (goodbye camera for many years)
Fast-forward 20 years and I'm a mother of 3 amazing little men and wife to a fantastic husband. Just before my 3rd boy was born I was given the beautiful gift of a DLSR camera and I have not put it down since!! I genuinely can't believe that I went so long without capturing the beauty of life through a lens. 
My photography style is very natural. I love to capture real, genuine images that freeze a moment in time that you can cherish forever. 

I’m so happy you have found me. let's get to know each other...

and Hey!


Yes, it's true I just so happen to have 3 little men in my life to look after (not to mention the bigger boy AKA husband). I love being a mum to these crazy boys. They keep me on my toes, they make me laugh, and they just so happen to be a big advantage when it comes to being a photographer...I'm yet to come across a little person in a family photoshoot that I can't handle!! 

I'm a mum of boys

Light years Apollonius of Perga great turbulent clouds vastness is bearable only through love network of wormholes rogue. Bits of moving fluff a billion trillion courage of our questions courage of our questions emerged into consciousness of brilliant syntheses.


Coffee is my best friend...

need i say more